Buy a house in Spain

9 Aug 2022
Buy a house in Spain

Why would you want to buy a property in Spain? We have listed 10 reasons for you:

  1. Sun
    Due to the typical Mediterranean climate, the sun shines for about 325 days.
  2. To eat
    Delicious tapas and paella are favorites.
  3. Beautiful beaches
    Spain has more than 8,000 coastline with beautiful beaches.
  4. Cheap
    Compared to other European countries, living in Spain is cheaper.
  5. Good care
    The quality of the Spanish healthcare is good. When you look at world level, you see that Spain is in 7th place.
  6. Transport
    Almost everything in Spain can be reached by public transport such as bus, metro, train and tram.
  7. Siestas
    When the sun has reached its highest position, at the hottest time of the day, one takes a siesta. By avoiding work at this time and taking a break, Spaniards save their energy.
  8. Fiestas
    Only 1 letter difference with siesta, but because of that siesta there is enough energy left to party. And they can do that in Spain ;-)
  9. Wine
    Such a fiesta naturally also includes a delicious wine and with so many hectares of vineyards in Spain, there are very good wines available.
  10. outdoor living
    In Spain they live outside a lot. The fresh air helps you to relax, among other things: it causes a slower heart rate and a reduction of the stress hormone cortisol.

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